I am Elvie Guthrie-Lewis, creator of “Finding Life-Balance with Gratitude Blueprint,” and author of “Warm Regards: Inspiration 365.” I empower people from all walks of life to find balance in their lives using gratitude as the catalyst. How to find balance in one’s life is a sought after but often elusive element for many. Finding Life-Balance with Gratitude Blueprint will provide the guidance to accomplish that goal.

I created this blueprint because I realize that many people do not have the ability to deal with the many competing priorities of daily life without undue stress and worry. Managing the demands of family, work, faith, health and wellness, community and environmental consciousness, finances and social needs become overwhelming. People often feel that to ask for help make them look and feel weak and so they suffer silently and unnecessarily, missing out on available help to overcome the challenges.

The blueprint has allowed individuals to achieve positivity where before things looked all gloomy and negative. Soon they are guided to see: their life before gratitude; when and how they recognized gratitude as a ‘Tool” to achieve the life-balance they have always longed for and dreamed of; and their life after purposefully and intentionally implementing gratitude as a strategy.

That is why I am looking for more opportunities to help everyone who desire to find this balance, by sharing my story and gratitude blueprint. I want them to be empowered to move from an unbalanced to a balanced life, and make their dreams a reality.

I would be happy to partner with you, your church or organization, so that we can help those in your circle of influence learn the power of gratitude as their means of finding life-balance and fulfillment. I look forward to hearing from you and working with you soon. For additional information please contact me by phone or email.